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June 16, 2016

proper CRAPism

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A snapshot from last night at #cmykfame. When sun goes down hoodie goes up!



Work in progress



November 20, 2012

American (Obama) idol beef

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The beef about the Obama piece in Yangon by Night have got way to much attention in national, international media and social forums. Some arguing it was a flirt with the media due to timing of Obama´s visit, some might say it is a tribute (as the writer does) or it is just a wall painting plain and simple. Toy or writer, you judge. In my opinion the only good part in this story is the actual outcome. The execution of the second piece was way better then the first one and the result is pretty good and I become happy when I look at it.

Graffiti in Myanmar is quite a new phenomenon (Dear journalists, it is NOT a result of the country opening up; it is just a comfy shortcut for you when you write the articles) and what makes me happy these days is that we can actually talk about Myanmar graffiti and street art. And this is where concept and long tradition of beef/battle in hip-hop becomes interesting. We can back stab each other, pissing on each other’s timelines and we can go over each other’s pieces in the streets, it is all part of the game. It might look childish, and I feel sorry for anyone´s piece being painted over, but what it actually does is improving us as artists, as vandals, it triggers us to become bigger and better because by the end of the day graffiti is all about style.

You can read (in English) an interview with the writer that did the piece in Myanmar Times

August 29, 2012

Yangon Finest on Reuters

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Street artists tag Myanmar (1:37)

Reuters just published a reportage and a clip about graffiti and street art in Myanmar. I´m very happy that what we have done for quite a time actually is being addressed but I am not sure about how they edited the footage and comments. Beside some mistakes in the clip I get the feeling that the story wants to tell that graffiti is a result of the country opening up. I have witnessed hundreds of similar articles on different subjects and I guess it is an easy way of analyse what is happening around us these days. Basically it just draws the attention and sells, but I can assure you that we part of something bigger. Something that can´t be summarized in 1:37.

Beside from Yangon Finest, just 6 seconds in to the clip, you will find a piece (left side in picture) I did for the Clap 1 2 3 exhibition. I consider it my 1 second of fame but time is irrelevant.

Watch the clip from Reuters here

July 28, 2012

Media coverage (CLAP 1 2 3)

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July 12, 2012

Naypyidaw graff retreat

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So we just came back from a weekend graffiti retreat in Naypyidaw, Myanmar and this is what came out. Big up to YSA and MEGA crew for the arrangements and biggest big up to auntie Lwin for taking care of us. Rapper not Death!


Twotwenty, Kollok (YSA)


Sonic, Rida (MEGA)

Rida, Cap, Kollok

More photos of the progress from Twotwenty can be here and here

June 30, 2012

CLAP 1 2 3 outcomes from Twotwenty

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Here are great links to see various photos from the latest exhibition titled CLAP 1 2 3 at Dagaung Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar that I participated in, once again big up to Satan and WTC crew and YGN writers for showing great skills! photo credits to Twotwenty. Just click it!

PRE photos

LIVE performence

POST photos

June 26, 2012

in 1991 we became the biggest

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….according to ourself.

Fantomen borta

Fantomen på Huvudnässkolan är äntligen borta, han har blivit ersatt av en tjej. Hennes namn är dock okänt. Sju elever i årskurs nio på Huvudnässkolan har äntligen målat över Fantomen (mer känd som skolans hatobjekt).

Calle Sennunger, Marcus Mokoena, Tobias Rudqvist, Hanna Jarhed, Casper Johansson, Fredrik Fabo´ och Anders Thornell har på sin fritid målat en stor graffitimålning i tunneln mellan skolhuset och gymnastikhallen.

–        Det tog ca tio timmar att göra målningen, säger Anders.

Killarna berättar att de har målat graffiti sedan de började i sjuan. Enligt dom är målningen den största i Vänersborg. Killarna är mycket nöjda med sitt konstverk och passar på att tacka bildlärarna, som hjälpt dem och även skolledningen, som har gett dem pengar så att de kunde genomföra arbetet.

–        Det jobbigaste och äckligaste var att tvätta väggen, säger Carl

–        Vi fick skrapa (!) bort tuggummi och snus, tillägger de andra killarna.

Alla killarna är eniga om att deras graffiti-målning är den absolut snyggaste i Vänersborg. Eleverna tycker att det ser mycket bättre ut än det gjorde förut och personalen på skolan uppskattar också målningen mycket.

–        Den är jättefin, säger en städerska

Ja, fantomen har det nog bättre hemma i sin dödskallegrotta än i en korridor på Huvudnässkolan där där han blir bespottad. Den nya tjejen kommer nog att klara sig bättre, i alla fall så länge graffiti är inne.

Anna Persson

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