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November 23, 2012

Portray picture by Ko Thu Rein

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My good friend, artist and photographer Ko Thu Rein asked me some time ago if he could take my picture for a project he was working on and I agreed. For a long time I was curious about the result and now I finally got it. From the photo he later made a mixed media presentation which was sold in one of the exhibitions he was part of. I am very happy for you (that you manage to sell a picture with me on it) and I am really impressed with your work, thank you for letting me be part of it.

Photo of me stamped with “Aerosoul” all over the face. For some reason, when looking at the photo, I am thinking of samurai Maori avatar daydreaming in fumes.

I didn´t have the chance to see the final result but the mixed media painting was a, as far as I know, a digital print with acrylic details/touch ups on canvas. regardless, it looks great.

Have to get back to you about links to more works from Thu Rein…

October 16, 2012

Past week in pictures

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I love stickers, especially where they can grow old. Have you seen this on? Do you know the location? (clue: It is Tuesday and I heading down to this place when I am done with the writing)

I delivered my latest painting “U.S. Airmail” the other day. It seems that it will hang next to a Vietnamese propaganda poster and “Breaking Silence” print signed yours truly! thanks for the support once again.

Public and private spaces are shrinking with time, they call it globalization I heard. Today I was working on my representation making business cards in Studio Duelling Banjos (portable version 3.0)

SmileEvilsmile is a good friend of mine. I like him for many reasons but maybe most because he keeps it simple!

I was also published in TuckMagazine with five of my paintings. The text is either written by a computer or a poet on Kitamine. This is what they said about me and my work:

Casper ‘Cap’ Johansson’s art sparkles in a world blurred by blindness. Lost in a never ending prayer of preached progress the voiceless scream in thought against a modernity choking, each of the artist’s pieces bleeding feeling; the passion of belief breathing in a repressed society.

Envious of dream the fight against continues as, in anonymity’s mask, a being bleeds from believing; androgynous to a self the cell society breeds in. Heat freezes in a timed mind as captured in light the image of today’s pensive soul is painted. The body illuminates in intensity, a burning truth through fear piercing, the artist in rich starkness showing life smothered from breathing. Purity weeps in progress painted, mourning life dead in living.

In darkness light through expression explodes. Thoughts run away from trained feelings, an everyday defiance of the mind as in the heart the head beats. To another a differing eye, an opinion caught in fixed misunderstandings as meaning tails off in despair. Johansson delights in creating a future present, the pattern of thought visible to eyes open, each alive in individual definition.

Energy defies fate as blind minds fall from a waiting sky, the artist skilfully placing the viewer in the centre of a suffocating everyday. Set amidst a faceless city representing any and everywhere breathing, nature rebels in being, bleeding colour to the heart of human grieving. In a memorised present, withering life spins against the control it dies from, society repressed in an over populated ideal as collected breath is held from a watching world.

Concealed in disbelief a generation loses sight from a mind mechanical in thought. Tied to ticking eyes the body hides from prying, a blank staring back at an overwhelming world, the artist emphasising humanity’s plight against an improvement created. Faith fights for the glint in each, an indirection sought in the self to an expressive new as, limited by design, technology burns to a soul breathing.

Fiery waves adorn a canvas dark in thought, Johansson lighting an eye’s imagination to minds expanding, the rich white of light sheltering truths; a skin to the blood of fated living. Alive in invention the illusion of believing bleeds to another day blind as coloured from soul, the artist’s heart shines through.

Seeking truth in justice Johansson’s art continues to evolve, his impression of humanity’s struggle against itself profound and piercing.

#Mugshot #lesshairthen

August 29, 2012

Yangon Finest on Reuters

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Street artists tag Myanmar (1:37)

Reuters just published a reportage and a clip about graffiti and street art in Myanmar. I´m very happy that what we have done for quite a time actually is being addressed but I am not sure about how they edited the footage and comments. Beside some mistakes in the clip I get the feeling that the story wants to tell that graffiti is a result of the country opening up. I have witnessed hundreds of similar articles on different subjects and I guess it is an easy way of analyse what is happening around us these days. Basically it just draws the attention and sells, but I can assure you that we part of something bigger. Something that can´t be summarized in 1:37.

Beside from Yangon Finest, just 6 seconds in to the clip, you will find a piece (left side in picture) I did for the Clap 1 2 3 exhibition. I consider it my 1 second of fame but time is irrelevant.

Watch the clip from Reuters here

July 28, 2012

Media coverage (CLAP 1 2 3)

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July 25, 2012

Who got, They got guns

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An eye for an eye makes the world go blind and Billy is just a kid.

Billy is just a kid, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77

July 23, 2012

New series and yes, this is an add

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This is two finished pieces from a new series I am working on. The series do not have a title yet, basically this is just an advertisement. Hi-resolution pictures will be uploaded in a sec.

Because I am worth it, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm

A way of living, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm

July 16, 2012

Three new pieces

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Here are three new pieces that I have been working on lately. They were part of the CLAP 1 2 3 exhibition at Dagaung Gallery that just ended and which is the reason for late upload. They are all handmade stamped with ink on paper with dimension 56 X 77 cm. Sorry for the photo quality but due to weather the lens has become moldy on the inside!? Anyway,  since I am cheap the two first ones are up for sale. The last one “Rebuilding a nation” is heading to Sweden, which makes me happy. Pls send me a line if you want to know more about the paintings

Center of the universe, 2012

Three years for what, 2012

Rebuilding a nation, 2012 (SOLD)

July 14, 2012

Drive-by shootings

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Despite heavy rain and itchy nails, Duelling Banjos will continue to collaborate with Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC)

Also, 1500 stickers and a bag of prints are heading for Scandinavia!

July 12, 2012

Naypyidaw graff retreat

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So we just came back from a weekend graffiti retreat in Naypyidaw, Myanmar and this is what came out. Big up to YSA and MEGA crew for the arrangements and biggest big up to auntie Lwin for taking care of us. Rapper not Death!


Twotwenty, Kollok (YSA)


Sonic, Rida (MEGA)

Rida, Cap, Kollok

More photos of the progress from Twotwenty can be here and here

June 26, 2012

in 1991 we became the biggest

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….according to ourself.

Fantomen borta

Fantomen på Huvudnässkolan är äntligen borta, han har blivit ersatt av en tjej. Hennes namn är dock okänt. Sju elever i årskurs nio på Huvudnässkolan har äntligen målat över Fantomen (mer känd som skolans hatobjekt).

Calle Sennunger, Marcus Mokoena, Tobias Rudqvist, Hanna Jarhed, Casper Johansson, Fredrik Fabo´ och Anders Thornell har på sin fritid målat en stor graffitimålning i tunneln mellan skolhuset och gymnastikhallen.

–        Det tog ca tio timmar att göra målningen, säger Anders.

Killarna berättar att de har målat graffiti sedan de började i sjuan. Enligt dom är målningen den största i Vänersborg. Killarna är mycket nöjda med sitt konstverk och passar på att tacka bildlärarna, som hjälpt dem och även skolledningen, som har gett dem pengar så att de kunde genomföra arbetet.

–        Det jobbigaste och äckligaste var att tvätta väggen, säger Carl

–        Vi fick skrapa (!) bort tuggummi och snus, tillägger de andra killarna.

Alla killarna är eniga om att deras graffiti-målning är den absolut snyggaste i Vänersborg. Eleverna tycker att det ser mycket bättre ut än det gjorde förut och personalen på skolan uppskattar också målningen mycket.

–        Den är jättefin, säger en städerska

Ja, fantomen har det nog bättre hemma i sin dödskallegrotta än i en korridor på Huvudnässkolan där där han blir bespottad. Den nya tjejen kommer nog att klara sig bättre, i alla fall så länge graffiti är inne.

Anna Persson

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