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February 1, 2011

New works

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Breaking Silence I, Mixed media on canvas, 912 X 1215, 2010 (Sold)

My new series is titled “Breaking Silence” and includes both paintings and rubber relief prints. Each painting have a working title but I chose just to number them since I haven’t come to a final conclusion/position on the issues I am trying to cover. It maybe sounds cryptic but it becomes fact when you spend 24/7 on the internet.

The complete series of rubber relief prints (6 designs, 50 Pcs limited edition each) will be on your screen in a near future because I presume you are hooked on the web. Each print will be signed and framed. Swing by if you are bored of looking at the cracks in your wall.

Breaking Silence II, Mixed media on canvas, 912 X 1215, 2010

Breaking Silence III, Mixed media on canvas, 912 X 1215, 2010

By the way, the forecast for Myanmar hip-hop in 2011 looks great. I just had a pre-listening of an amazing track that will set a new standard. Put it this way, diamonds are not forever.

Blam-Blam not Bling-Bling

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  1. One way of interpreting my work………………………

    thought you may like this CAP
    the true story of peter pan
    and tiger lily [prisoner of language]


    PETER PAN – comrade peter

    WENDY AND THE CHILDREN – the aristocracy [reds under the bed]

    THE ST BERNARD – swiss banks that saw all but could say nothing

    THE LOST BOYS – the bolshiviks

    TINKER BELL – Lenins lover Inessa who spoke fluent french and gave talks in Paris on his Lenins behalf

    CAPTAIN HOOK – capitolism

    PRINCESS TIGER LILY – the pacific Isles

    THE CROCIDILE WHO SWALLOWED THE CLOCK – time ticking for capitolism

    Comment by cap — March 30, 2011 @ 8:51 am

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