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November 23, 2012

Portray picture by Ko Thu Rein

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My good friend, artist and photographer Ko Thu Rein asked me some time ago if he could take my picture for a project he was working on and I agreed. For a long time I was curious about the result and now I finally got it. From the photo he later made a mixed media presentation which was sold in one of the exhibitions he was part of. I am very happy for you (that you manage to sell a picture with me on it) and I am really impressed with your work, thank you for letting me be part of it.

Photo of me stamped with “Aerosoul” all over the face. For some reason, when looking at the photo, I am thinking of samurai Maori avatar daydreaming in fumes.

I didn´t have the chance to see the final result but the mixed media painting was a, as far as I know, a digital print with acrylic details/touch ups on canvas. regardless, it looks great.

Have to get back to you about links to more works from Thu Rein…

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