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August 29, 2012

Yangon Finest on Reuters

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Street artists tag Myanmar (1:37)

Reuters just published a reportage and a clip about graffiti and street art in Myanmar. I´m very happy that what we have done for quite a time actually is being addressed but I am not sure about how they edited the footage and comments. Beside some mistakes in the clip I get the feeling that the story wants to tell that graffiti is a result of the country opening up. I have witnessed hundreds of similar articles on different subjects and I guess it is an easy way of analyse what is happening around us these days. Basically it just draws the attention and sells, but I can assure you that we part of something bigger. Something that can´t be summarized in 1:37.

Beside from Yangon Finest, just 6 seconds in to the clip, you will find a piece (left side in picture) I did for the Clap 1 2 3 exhibition. I consider it my 1 second of fame but time is irrelevant.

Watch the clip from Reuters here

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