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November 27, 2021

Unique print! Support the people in Myanmar

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Text is copied from Raise Three Fingers!

Every single day the people in Myanmar continue their fight for freedom. The resistance against the military is stronger than ever and there are still sparks of hope that this revolution will be won.

You can continue to support the people of Myanmar and be part of their fight by buying one of these unique artworks.

We’ve added 8 new artworks for you to choose from, in time for the holiday season. Consider buying a gift this year that will make a difference for someone in Myanmar!

Check out the entire collection of prints at the Raise Three Fingers shop and get yours now! Worldwide shipping

Buy art, support Myanmar at Raise Three fingers shop

April 13, 2021

VKV ställer ut på Vara Konstförening, 2021

13 members of Vänersborgs Konstgrafiska Verkstad having an exhibition at Vara Konstförening (art associaton) this month. The opening is on 19th of May and the exhibition will continue to 5th of April. If you need more information about the exhibition or directions please visit their site:

Varabygdens Konstförening | Varabygdens Konstförening (

I will contribute with four limited edition prints. Three of them were made during my art-in-residency at Artlab Kettinge in Denmark during 2019.

October 17, 2019

Exhibition Gallery Mölndal

On Saturday 19th October the group exhibition “Intryck, Uttryck, Avtryck” together with my colleagues from Vänersborgs Konstgrafiska Verkstad is opening at Gallery Mölndal. I will display three prints that was produced during my artist in residence at Galleri Heike Arndt in Kettinge, Denmark during May 2019. The opening will take place at Galleri Mölndal at 12.00-16.00 and is located at Göteborgsvägen 1, 431 30 Mölndal. Our exhibition will be open from the 19th October until 2nd November. See last in post for details. Run Come!

Denmark is flatter then the earth No.4, 2019
Denmark is flatter then the earth No. 9, 2019
Denmark is flatter then the earth No. 10, 2019

Copper etching – Hallebergs branter 2019

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Here are three versions of a copper etching I did for the upcoming exhibition “Vänersborg” at our graphic workshop as part of “Culture week in Vänersborg”. It is a two plated copper print depicting the steeps of a mountain nearby my hometown. It is titled Hallebergs branter 2019 and measures 15 x 22 cm. Did the print make you curious? See more prints in HERE!

Hallebergs branter 2019, version I
Hallebergs branter 2019, version II
Hallebergs branter 2019, version III
Full program of activities at our graphic workshop during the culture week in Vänersborg

January 19, 2018

One Branch Family Puzzle

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One Branch Family Tree, 2018, Linoleumprint on puzzle (25 pcs), 20 x 20 cm.

One Branch Family Tree 2018

Unlimited edition

March 29, 2016

Exhibition: Art for Aid at Gallery Momangen.

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I have donated one of these etchings for the upcoming exhibition at Gallery Momangen in Stockholm, Sweden. Come join for the opening on the 1st of April!

The text below is taken from the invitation to the event. For more information pls contact the gallery. Please share and support the cause!!


(In english below)

I höstas var vi frustrerade över flyktingsituationen och funderade på hur vi kunde hjälpa till. Då föddes idéen om Art For Aid. Två veckor senare hade över 50 konstnärer skänkt verk och fb-evenemanget hade mer 800 attendings. När vi öppnade dörren för att sälja verken var det redan kö utanför och på fyra timmar hade vi samlat in över 40 000 kr till förmån för barnen i Kobane.

Den fantastiska känslan av att kunna hjälpa och möta massa andra personer som också vill hjälpa var enormt stark och redan dagen efter insamlingen planerade vi en ny. Nu har vi samlat våra tankar och krafter och den 1 april är det dags igen – den här gången samlar vi in pengar till föreningen Habibi! – Ung på gatan som behöver pengar till bostadshyra och SL-kort åt papperslösa flyktingar i Stockholm.

Föreningen Habibi – Ung på gatan vänder sig till de minderåriga och unga vuxna som befinner sig på gatan men hjälper även äldre som av olika anledningar befinner sig i en socialt utsatt situation. De vänder sig främst till de nordafrikaner som lever under svåra sociala omständigheter i hela Europa, där myndigheter i många, för att inte säga de flesta fall, inte bemöter dessa barn, ungdomar och vuxna på ett värdigt och rättssäkert sätt. Omständigheter som förvärrats ytterligare eftersom Sverige nu har kommit överens med Marocko om återförandet av denna grupp.

Utöver hjälp i kontakten med Migrationsverket och Socialtjänsten och andra myndigheter, med jurister och gode män, driver Habibi! också frågan politiskt då Sveriges och andra länders agerande strider mot såväl barnkonventionen som de mänskliga rättigheter som denna grupp aldrig givits möjlighet att erfara.


Last fall, we were frustrated by the refugee situation and thought about how we could help. The idea of Art Aid was then born. Two weeks later, over 50 artists had donated art and our FB event had more than 800 attendings. When we opened the door, there was already a queue outside and in four hours we had collected over 40 000 in favor of the children in Kobane.

The amazing feeling of being able to help, and meet lots of other people who also wanted to help was enormously strong and the day after the collection, we planned a new one. Now we have gathered our thoughts and forces and on the 1st of April it’s that time again – this time we will collect money for the association Habibi! – Youth on the street who need money for housing and SL cards for undocumented refugees in Stockholm.

Association Habibi – Youth on the street, help minors and young adults who are on the street but also older people who for various reasons find themselves in a socially vulnerable situation. They are primarily aimed at the North Africans living in difficult social circumstances in Europe, where the authorities in many, if not most cases, do not treat these children, adolescents and adults with dignity and the rule of law. Circumstances has worsened further since Sweden made an agreement with Morocco to return this group.

In addition to assistance in contacts with the Swedish Migration Board, the Social Services and other agencies, with lawyers and good men, Habibi! also tries to highlight this issue politically when Sweden and other countries actions violate both the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as basic human rights.

March 22, 2016

Photopolymer workshop at Vänersborgs Konstgrafiska Verkstad

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A few photos from last weekend when I participated in a workshop on photopolymer printmaking at Vänersborgs Konsrgrafiska Verkstad.

Follow the link:

färdig plåt

Photo: Frida Leyon

March 4, 2016

Abyss – UV Copper Etching

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“Abyss” – testprint

2016, Copper etching (UV), 15 x 20 cm

Printed at Vänersborgs Konstgrafiska  Verkstad and will be displayed at the exhibition “Konstrunda 2016” on the 5-6 of march 2016.



Abyss UV


February 21, 2015

Vänersborgs graphic print workhop webpage

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As a member of Vänersborgs Konstgrafiska Verkstad (Vänersborg graphic print workshop) I now have my own gallery page where I will upload forthcoming prints of etchings and woodcuts. As for now I have uploaded the Breaking Silence rubbercut series and some testprints of etchings and dry needle pieces I´ve been working on since I finished the workshop. Pls drop by now and then for updates and feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting hold of a print. Scroll down for a taste of my first two 10 Pcs limited edition prints

Unfortunatly our webpage is only in Swedish but you can still enjoy our work HERE.


galleri dump

Overview of page


Monk, 10 Pcs edition, copper etching, 2015



Paya, 10 Pcs edition copper etching, 2015


December 26, 2014

Petrol station print in Trentemøller video: Deceive

Early this year I went to Stockholm for some work and got the chance to put up a Duelling Banjos poster at my favorite petrol station in Örnsberg. A few week ago I got information from a friend that the petrol station and the poster was part in Trentemöllers video Deceive (Lost and Found remix). Who would have known?

Here is a photo of the poster before I found out about the video


It is a great song and I like the video alot. If you want to see it from start just click HERE. Thanks for having me and a shout out the ones involved with the video!


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