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April 19, 2014

Linoleum cut: Yes sire, Sorry sire

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Yes sire Linolium

Yes sire, Sorry sire, 2014, Linoleum cut

Yes sire x 3

Yes sire, Sorry sire, mixed media x3

Yes sire 1

ink and aerosol version

Yes sire 3

Linoleum print version

Yes sire 2

watercolor version

October 12, 2013

Saachi Online Showdown

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I just submitted this piece to Saachi online Showdown. The theme for the showdown is “Painted faces”. Well, you can´t actually see the face because he is an #Artistanonymous #Homeboy. You can find my submitted work here:

Voting begins 10/29/13 12:00 am.

Pls drop by and support my art. Your investment is my playground.


August 7, 2013

toiR (8-8-88) decrypted

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Tomorrow it is 25 years since the rise of the 88 movement and a long struggle for peace and justice in Myanmar. It is also one of the first times it will be honoured open and public nationwide in the country. Something that would have been impossible and even dangerous a few years back. Even during my stay in the country. I became very inspired by the brave people of Myanmar, some dating back to the 8-8-88 movement, but also people of the September uprising in 2007 and all the people who are struggling daily but continue to be unheard of.

I did this painting in 2009. Inspired by Myanmar artists; their incredible talent of conveying political messages, document the history, spreading hope through their art using encrypted messages. I made this painting which is titled “toiR”. Read the title from right to left and it says “Riot”. It is a play with words, a hidden message, which carries a lot of symbolism. Riot can be read as Rangoon Institute Of Technology. The institute was an important centre for students to organize the protest against the regime during the uprising. But it was also the ground where some of the first clashes took place between people and the military that feed the violence and left thousands of innocent people killed in the aftermath.

To the left in the painting I have written binary code with spraypaint. It says 08-00-08-08-88, an encrypted message saying eight o´clock in the morning on the 8th of august 1988 and it is a tribute to the all people who stands up against oppression, then, today and tomorrow. Never forgotten, this painting is for you.


toiR, 2009, mixed media on canvas, 3 X 6 feet


November 23, 2012

Portray picture by Ko Thu Rein

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My good friend, artist and photographer Ko Thu Rein asked me some time ago if he could take my picture for a project he was working on and I agreed. For a long time I was curious about the result and now I finally got it. From the photo he later made a mixed media presentation which was sold in one of the exhibitions he was part of. I am very happy for you (that you manage to sell a picture with me on it) and I am really impressed with your work, thank you for letting me be part of it.

Photo of me stamped with “Aerosoul” all over the face. For some reason, when looking at the photo, I am thinking of samurai Maori avatar daydreaming in fumes.

I didn´t have the chance to see the final result but the mixed media painting was a, as far as I know, a digital print with acrylic details/touch ups on canvas. regardless, it looks great.

Have to get back to you about links to more works from Thu Rein…

October 9, 2012

More prints and the beginning of a painting

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Finally I have made some prints from the rubber cuttings I finished a long time ago. They came out quite nice in my point of view. As soon as they are dry they will be up fore sale but don’t be surprised if you find one in your backyard.  The painting I am working on now is a portray of G-tone from the hip-hop group Cyclone. He is a good friend of mine and for sure one of the best MCs in Myanmar. Blam blam!

Fighting Fiddles, 2012, ink print on Shan paper, approx 380 X 570

Breaking Silence VIII (in front), 2012, Ink print on Shan paper, approx 380 X 570 (50 Pcs limited edition)

#Street soldier (working title), 91 X 91, mixed media, in progress

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