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April 9, 2013

Follow me on Instagram for art in progress

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Just realized I have forgotten to update the website in a while. But their is a reason for it, well, actually two reasons. Firstly, I am quite busy working on my new pieces that will be part of my first solo exhibition in Sweden. The opening will be on the 1st of June in Gothenburg, Sweden. Details will come very soon. At least I have came up with a title of the show. I am very exited about the whole deal and I am looking forward to see all of you for the opening. If you can´t make it the show will be up until end of June, so we have plenty of time.

The second reason for not updating the site is because I just started to use Instagram. You can find and join me at @duelling_banjos as usual. Since my latest updates have been on Instagram I thought I should upload some of the pictures here as well. Until now I haven´t shown any pictures of the finished pieces, but I have been sharing parts of the process. And here they are, well, some of them. Thank you for all the comments and for following me, it means alot.

All titles are still working titles. As I said. Still processing.

969 + 119 = 187 (You do the math), 2013

YE3 for president, 2013

YE3 for president, 2013

Screen saviour, 2013

Screen saviour, 2013



October 28, 2012

#streetsoldier #Gtone (in progress)

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While you are waiting for this piece to be finished you can always listen to his music here and here or get updated about Hip-Hop in Burma here (in Burmese)

October 9, 2012

More prints and the beginning of a painting

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Finally I have made some prints from the rubber cuttings I finished a long time ago. They came out quite nice in my point of view. As soon as they are dry they will be up fore sale but don’t be surprised if you find one in your backyard.  The painting I am working on now is a portray of G-tone from the hip-hop group Cyclone. He is a good friend of mine and for sure one of the best MCs in Myanmar. Blam blam!

Fighting Fiddles, 2012, ink print on Shan paper, approx 380 X 570

Breaking Silence VIII (in front), 2012, Ink print on Shan paper, approx 380 X 570 (50 Pcs limited edition)

#Street soldier (working title), 91 X 91, mixed media, in progress

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