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June 19, 2013

Illustration for BRAND magazine

Illustration Brand_På spaning efter den stad som flytt copy

Today I got the printed version of the Brand magazine where one of my illustrations was published. My illustration was made with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (SC5). Since the article mentioned SimCity I decided to use a street view screenshot from the game as background. For the foreground I used a photo of my friends from one of our days we´re out walking in the woods. Since the article itself talks about new urbanism and city planning I wanted to capture a sense of people exploring their city that is developing and expanding (and excluding) beyond the control of its own population. Working with a quite short notice I am very satisfied with the result. If you are interested in using me for illustrations and graphic design work do not hesitate to contact me at

The illustration was published in Tidningen Brand, No 2, 2013, p.7 and 31.

Brand is a Swedish anarchist magazine and have been published continuously since 1898. To read, learn more and subscribe visit their website

Brand inside

Brand Magazine, No 2, 2013 p.31

Brand front

Brand cover page (No 2. 2013)





April 13, 2013

Illustration in progress

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Illustration work in progress for a magazine on the subject neo-urbanism. Final outputs will be published when the illustration have been accepted by the editors and sent for printing.

October 19, 2012

The Distance of War (digital sketches)

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Digital illustrations/line work (in progress) for upcoming paintings of the “Distance of War” series

Note for one self: also include: Iran, Israel, Palestine, North Korea

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