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October 12, 2016

December 26, 2014

Petrol station print in Trentemøller video: Deceive

Early this year I went to Stockholm for some work and got the chance to put up a Duelling Banjos poster at my favorite petrol station in Örnsberg. A few week ago I got information from a friend that the petrol station and the poster was part in Trentemöllers video Deceive (Lost and Found remix). Who would have known?

Here is a photo of the poster before I found out about the video


It is a great song and I like the video alot. If you want to see it from start just click HERE. Thanks for having me and a shout out the ones involved with the video!


July 12, 2014

Konstvandring i Götaälvdalen, 20-21 september 2014

Den 20-21 September 2014 öppnar jag upp dörren till studio Duelling Banjos under konstvandringen i Götaälvdalen. Studion kommer att vara öppen mellan 11-18 under hela helgen. Jag kommer att hänga upp ett urval av verk som jag samlat på mig under åren och som till viss del kommer att vara till försäljning. Som deltagare i konstvandringen kommer vi även att sälja lotter där det finns möjlighet att vinna konst från några av de 42 konstnärer och hantverkar som deltar i vandringen. Det skulle vara fantastiskt ifall ni tog er tid att hälsa på för lite skönt häng i orten före förorten. Konst, dobbel och fika utlovas, välkomna!


För att hitta till studion följ instruktionerna i Konstvandringens broschyr (Nr 33) eller kontakta mig på


Vernissaget kommer att hållas i Handkrafts lokaler på magasinsgatan 1 i trollhättan den 19:e september. Dörren slår upp kl 19. För mer information kontakta Handkraft på 0520-73951 (Eva) eller snubbla förbi deras hemsida på



Konstvandring i Götaälvdalen stöds av; Trollhättan stad, Vänersborgs kommun, Kulturnämnden i Västra Götaland, Ale kommun, ttela och Handkrafts vänner.

February 3, 2014

Länsförsäkringar commercial

Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten from Koja on Vimeo.

This is the final version of the Länsförsäkringar (insurance company) commercial I was working on together with KOJA. Check out the 30 seconds clip at their vimeo page or click the link above. More specifically I was part in creating the landscape in the background. The landscape was made merely out of cardboard paper and some glue. In a few days I heading back to stockholm for a new cut and paste project. Details in a sec.

Agency: Plakat
Creative Director: Per Lindgren
Project manager: Ingrid Widing

Production Company: Hobby Animation
Producer: Niklas Adolfsson
Director & Animation: Koja
Gaffer: Thomas Mets
Music: Aavikko – Homo Futurus
Sound Design: Johan Isaksson

June 19, 2013

Illustration for BRAND magazine

Illustration Brand_På spaning efter den stad som flytt copy

Today I got the printed version of the Brand magazine where one of my illustrations was published. My illustration was made with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (SC5). Since the article mentioned SimCity I decided to use a street view screenshot from the game as background. For the foreground I used a photo of my friends from one of our days we´re out walking in the woods. Since the article itself talks about new urbanism and city planning I wanted to capture a sense of people exploring their city that is developing and expanding (and excluding) beyond the control of its own population. Working with a quite short notice I am very satisfied with the result. If you are interested in using me for illustrations and graphic design work do not hesitate to contact me at

The illustration was published in Tidningen Brand, No 2, 2013, p.7 and 31.

Brand is a Swedish anarchist magazine and have been published continuously since 1898. To read, learn more and subscribe visit their website

Brand inside

Brand Magazine, No 2, 2013 p.31

Brand front

Brand cover page (No 2. 2013)





April 9, 2013

Follow me on Instagram for art in progress

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Just realized I have forgotten to update the website in a while. But their is a reason for it, well, actually two reasons. Firstly, I am quite busy working on my new pieces that will be part of my first solo exhibition in Sweden. The opening will be on the 1st of June in Gothenburg, Sweden. Details will come very soon. At least I have came up with a title of the show. I am very exited about the whole deal and I am looking forward to see all of you for the opening. If you can´t make it the show will be up until end of June, so we have plenty of time.

The second reason for not updating the site is because I just started to use Instagram. You can find and join me at @duelling_banjos as usual. Since my latest updates have been on Instagram I thought I should upload some of the pictures here as well. Until now I haven´t shown any pictures of the finished pieces, but I have been sharing parts of the process. And here they are, well, some of them. Thank you for all the comments and for following me, it means alot.

All titles are still working titles. As I said. Still processing.

969 + 119 = 187 (You do the math), 2013

YE3 for president, 2013

YE3 for president, 2013

Screen saviour, 2013

Screen saviour, 2013



December 24, 2012

Layout and design for Actionaid

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Duelling Banjos was commissioned to do layout and design for Actionaid´s resource material “Giving Women A Chance”. The 20 pages document was written by Annami Löfving and was sponsored by Actionaid and British Embassy (Rangoon). Cartoons/graphics was created by Chibi.

Printed version

Printed version

September 14, 2012

Fighting Fiddles Rubber Cut

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Not much is in order these days. Studio Duelling Banjos have been reduced to a portable app version. But I keep on producing and at least I have good company with Thu Thu and Cakil. I am thinking my next move should be to take my work overseas, any suggestion where I should be heading? bossmove anyone?

Meanwhile I will be working on a new rubber cut and this is how it is being done. This one says Fighting Fiddles, I guess it is the sidekick of Duelling Banjos. Soon in your township.

September 8, 2012

Parade for compassion

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This was one on my responses to the military crackdown of the non-violent protests in Burma/Myanmar during September 2007 uprising, more known as the Saffron Revolution. The collage is a photo collection of the many souvenir postcards “remakes”, portraying monks walking against the light, I made during 2008. The remakes were quite simple. I only changed the traditional umbrellas into satellite dishes and adding short messages, such as Free Burma and The revolution will not be televised. I then put them up in public areas wherever I was. I only know the destiny for some of them but I hope the message came through.

I chose those postcards because they are hand-made mass-produced for tourists and anyone that have been to Burma have seen them at some point of their journey. A well established trademark of the country and I thought that using the same representation but adding my messages could draw attention to the current situation in the country. Moreover, the monks quickly became the main icon of the protests but no one should forget all brave people that were part of and are still struggling for justice and democracy.

As a result of the remade postcards I also did a series of acrylic painting on the same subject, which was displayed on my first soloshow titled enCAPsuled. They have been very important to me for several reasons and the most significant reason is that I have experienced the power of creating art and the how it can interact with its viewers. And now after five years in Burma I realized more and more that what we as artists have been and will be doing in the future counts.

Now the monks are on parade again. This time in Mandalay, but this time I have no compassion for their cause what so ever. We are all equal, diversity is strength. Peace yo!

This one was spotted by a friend of mine in Göteborg. have you seen any more? Can you find it this one in the collage?

Fighting Fiddles Graphic Design

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Soon in a township near you!

Fighting Fiddles

@Duelling Banjos Vs Fighting Fiddles, Graphic design, 2012

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