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April 13, 2021

Exhibition: Behovet av en kraft att reagera mot @NotQuite, Fengersfors 2021

My solo exhibition “Behovet av en kraft att reagera mot” (The need of a force to react to) will be opened on the 1st of May at Not Quite Arthall in Fengersfors. I will display a selection of paintings, graphic prints, diarama and a sculpture in Ocenhallen (3rd floor). If you want to know more about the exhibition please visit their webpage under current exhibitions.

Information will be updated!

About the exhibition (swedish)

Utställningen ”Behovet av en kraft att reagera mot” är en berättelse om reträtt från verkligheten. En berättelse om ett liv fyllt av kärlek och ting men där ensamheten är konstant. Ett tillstånd som både är bekvämt och skaver. Men om ensamheten är självvald. Går det då att vara en del av ett större sammanhang ifall en väljer flykt redan i tidig ålder?

Utgångspunkten för utställningen är en kortnovell jag skrev i årskurs 3 på Norra skolan i Vänersborg och som handlar om en pojke på rymmen. Fragment av berättelsen har etsats fast i minnet men centralt i berättelsen är att pojken aldrig förmådde sig att helt slita sig från sin omgivning. Känslan av två världar som inte fogar sig har sedan dess följt mig genom livet och det är friktionen mellan dessa världar som jag gestaltar. Genom att porträttera fragmenten, plocka dem ur sitt sammanhang och föra dem samman i en ny kontext vill jag skapa ett drömskt landskap. En ny värld där målet är en känsla av viktlöshet, en plats där trycket från såväl människan och samhället upphör. En fristad för reflektion där drömmar och framtiden inte längre är en tillsvidarelösning. Ett kravlöst tillstånd och en förgylld plats där världarna fogar sig och där gränser suddas ut.

Utställningen ”Behovet av en kraft att reagera mot” är självupplevda händelser där jag vänder mig inåt för att sondera terrängen gällande uppväxt, arv och ensamhet. Erfarenheter som utforskar människan och hennes inre och yttre världar och ständiga tillblivelse. Hur minnet av okontrollerbara skeenden och erfarenheter formar oss till människor och hur dessa styr människans val genom livet.

Hope to see you at the opening!

June 16, 2016

proper CRAPism

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A snapshot from last night at #cmykfame. When sun goes down hoodie goes up!



Work in progress



November 10, 2013

“Mark my Words” in Himalayan Times

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Here are some sweet words about my exhibition “Mark my words” at Image Ark gallery published in The Himalayan Times. Thank you very much for the support and for showing interest in my art. The complete article can be found here or read it below.  The exhibition is open until 29th of November 2013, Enjoy!

Himalayan times


KATHMANDU: When writers put together words, readers gain knowledge while understanding the writer’s perspective. Nevertheless, playing with words and creating painting out of the words surpass the ordinary thinking of creating art. Working with words on a sheet of paper using the basic technique of stencil, Casper Johansson aka Cap from Sweden has outshone himself as an artist.

And the evidence is his exhibition ‘Mark My Words’ at Image Ark Gallery, Kulimha Tole, Patan that began on October 27. Here, you can witness portraits of children, young people, Bay of Bengal and more, mainly in black-and-white or in colours like blue, yellow, and red.

A quick look at those works will give you an impression that they are all portraits. But as you observe them, you will start noticing words like ‘food’, ‘freedom’, ‘screen’, ‘escape’ and more which together bring out the ‘whole picture’ of these portraits.

Cap explains, “I love words. Words and language for me is power. If you can control them, it means you can gain knowledge and power. As an artist, I can’t write as writing doesn’t work for me. Still I love words. So, I use them in my paintings to make images out of words.”

In one of his works ‘Shipped Away’, Cap has painted an image of a young boy lying calmly on a bamboo raft where a packet of cigarette and a spray can are scattered. It is the portrait of local graffiti artist, who despite having a desire create artwork, has less chances of expressing himself due to political and economical situation around him.

Another is a series of paintings that narrates story of how the Internet is being used in Burma. He has used interesting metaphors like pirate, ship, wires, rat and more that are preventing people from accessing the Internet and information.

His artworks have contradictions — the portraits look clam and resilient but the message that he is conveying is revolutionary. The messages urge people to fight for their rights, which symbolises struggle. Some of the experiences required to create such works were gathered during his six years’ stay in Burma.

The exhibition is on till November 29.


The newspaper also published a picture of my new triptic piece titled “Undisciplined tribe”, 2013, Ink on paper, 3 x 56 x 76 cm


October 30, 2013

Urban Art: The merge of art in the public/private sphere @Image Ark

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You are all cordially invited the our art discussion:

IA art discussion invitation


Image Ark Gallery
Thursday 31 October at 5:30 pm
Kulimha tole, Patan

Urban Art is a steady growing form of artistic expression. Rooted in Graffiti and Street Art, it has now expanded to a wide range of techniques and art forms found in most parts of the world. The common factor defining Urban Art is the city: Colors, shapes and the physical structure of the city together with the everyday life and the vibrations of the people living in, create the foundation for what is known as Urban Art.

Urban Art, usually in the public sphere is step-by-step getting access to the private sphere, such as art galleries, homes or the commercial sector. This conversation will focus on the transition of Urban Art from the public to the private spheres.

Casper Johansson, fulltime artist, lived and worked in Burma for 6 years. He will share with Shradda Shrestha, aka Deadline, and Aditya Aryal, aka SadhuX, his experience, technique, and process of creation. Together, they will explore on how this technique can be inspiring while creating a debate on today’s society.

Join us and get updates at the Facebook eventpage. Welcome!



Also, according to Fr!day Events and Entertainment weekly magazine my exhibition “Mark my Words” came Top 3 on the weekly events. The blurb was published in issue 191 on 16th October 2013.

Thank you for the support.

New pieces from Mark my Words exhibition

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Thank you very much for showing up at the opening of my exhibition “Mark my Word” at Image Ark Gallery the other day. A special big up to Aditya Aryal aka Sadhu-X and Shraddha Shresta aka Deadline for the kind words at the opening. I really am looking forward to further collaboration in the future. I had a blast and it means everything to me. You should really check out the work of Sadhu-X and Deadline and their work with Artlab. An artistic group of people which have the purpose of creating a meeting point for emerging urban artists in Nepal. Great stuff. While on the subject have a look and follow the Prasad project of portraying local heroes in the streets of Kathmandu.

As this is a continuation of the exhibition “A thousand words say more than a picture” I only displayed a few new works at this show. Have a look below and let me know what you think. Previous work you will find on the main page.


Undisciplined tribe I-III (triptic), 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm



Cash is Queen, 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm


The Change (Saturday night fever version), 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm


Bay of (Bengal) watch, 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm


The exhibition will be open until 29th of November at Image Ark Gallery.

Kulimha tole, Ward no. 9 – Lalitpur, Nepal

(+977) 9851 016 572

(+977) 01 500 6665

If you are in the area please come have a look at my latest work. Respect.

October 22, 2013

Invitation to Mark my Words exhibition at Gallery Image Ark

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You are all cordially invited to my upcoming solo exhibition titled Mark my Words at Gallery Image Ark in Kathmandu, Nepal. The opening will be held on Sunday the 27th of October at 5:30 p.m. The gallery is located at Kulimha Tole, Ward No.9, Lalitpur. My work will be displayed at the gallery until 29th of November. Welcome.

Here are some few word about my exhibition.

Manipulated images, fractions of a context and repetition of words thousands of times – and you start to get the whole picture. The exhibition Mark my words at Image Ark Gallery tells stories of everyday struggles in a rapidly changing society. It is an extract of endless conversations, visualized with words, where the perception of the image conflicts with the message. The result is an illustrated debate where images, words and symbols coexist. With inkpads and alphabetic rubber stamps, using multiple layered stencils, Casper’s art can be defined as ‘retouched realism’. Silent shouts embedded in elements of hope, struggle and resistance.
Mark my words is a prolonged testimony of the transformation in Myanmar/Burma and an extension of the exhibition A thousand words says more than a picture.

For updated and further details pls join us on our facebook event.


My exhibition was also covered in today’s issue of The Kathmandu Post both in the printed and the epaper version



Beside from being an art gallery, Image Ark is also a creative studio. In their own words “We are a team of communication professionals and artists whose objective is to find effective and modern solutions for our clients’ communication needs. We share a passion for original, meaningful and contemporary communication through graphic design, photography, film production and interactive web design”. If you have the chance you should definitely go visit the gallery/studio. For inquiries they can be reached here.


September 9, 2013

Corrupt, corrupt (Sold)

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Gotta love Monday mornings. Corrupt, corrupt, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm just sold. Thanks for the support and remember that your investment is my playground.

Corrupt Corrupt

From now on I will call the painting Korupsi, korupsi instead since I have a feeling that it will end up in Indonesia at some point. Terimah kasi banyak Bapak!

September 8, 2013

Cash is Queen

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Cash is Queen

This is my first work coming out from my new studio after a long break for summer. It is titled Cash is queen, 2013, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm (cropped) and is one of many painting that I will exhibit at my upcoming show in Kathmandu, Nepal at Gallery Image Ark by the end of October. I don´t have the details yet but will inform you as soon as I know more. I am really excited about this show because it gives me the opportunity to share my experience and spread knowledge about todays Burma to a wider audience. It is my way of giving back to all the good friends and brave people that are daily working for a new Burma where all people have the same rights and were the word justice finally will mean something.

Cash is queen in progress

Cash is queen (in progress)

Pre-work Cash is queen

Cash is queen (digital pre-work)

Since the trip to Nepal for the exhibition will be self financed I would really appreciate if you supporting me by sending microcredits using flattr. Just click the green icon below and I am one step closer to the top of the world and do not hesitate to share my art for friends and family. #Respect

May 29, 2013

Tusen ord säger mer än en bild – Utställning på Urban Artroom 8:e Juni 2013

Header pic Urban Artroom datum


Tusen ord säger mer än en bild (Artistic statement about the exhibition in English see below)

”Manipulerade bilder. Delar av ett sammanhang. Upprepning av ord, tusentals gången och du börjar förstå helheten. Tusen ord säger mer än en bildUrban Artroom är ett pågående vittnesmål om förändring. En förändring där jag har varit åskådare till drömmar som krossats av auktoriteter, hopp som sveps iväg av stormar, folkets vilja som ignoreras men röster som vägrar att tystna. Men det är det vackra i enkelheten och vardagen som jag vill belysa och kampen som kommer med den. Det är en dedikering till berättelser, outtalade sanningar som förmedlats av vänner. Jag har komprimerat dessa berättelser, utvunnit ord ur essensen från oändliga konversationer. Genom att repetera dessa ord vill jag försöka förmedla ett budskap där det visuella i varje tavla blir utgångspunkten för diskussionen.”

Casper Johansson aka Cap är en självlärd konstnär. Sedan 2007 har han levt och arbetet i Myanmar/Burma. Med flera framgångsrika utställningar och samarbeten i landet finns det nu för första gången möjlighet att se hans konst i Göteborg, Sverige på Urban Artroom. Med gummistämplar, bläckdynor och okonventionella stenciler skapar han retuscherad realism baserat på ord och bokstäver.

Hoppas vi ses på vernissage den 8:e Juni. Tavlorna kommer att hänga uppe månaden ut. Välkommen!


Bjud gärna in era vänner till facebookevent


 Gallery Urban Artroom

Friggagatan 21

416 64 Göteborg

076-170 81 13 (Victor)


A Thousand Words Say More Than a Picture

“Manipulated images, fractions of a context and repetition of words thousands of times – and you start to get the whole picture. A thousand words say more than a picture at Urban Artroom is part of a prolonged testimony about transformation. I have witnessed dreams being crushed by force, hope being swept away by floods and peoples voices being ignored yet refusing to be silenced. But it is the simplicity and beauty of just existing and the everyday struggle that comes with it that I want to portray. It is a tribute to stories, untold truth by ordinary people and endless friendship. In my art I am boiling down these stories and extracting the essence from conversations to get words. By repeating these words I try to create messages, letting the paintings carry on the visual debates.”

Casper Johansson aka Cap is an autodidact artist. Since 2007 he has been living and working in Myanmar/Burma. With several successful solo- and group exhibitions and various collaborative projects with an emerging generation of Myanmar artists he has now returned to Sweden for his first exhibition outside the country. With ink pads and alphabetic rubber stamps, using multiple layered stencils, he creates what he thinks of as ‘retouched realism’ paintings based on letters and words.

Looking forward to see you at the opening on the 8th of June. The paintings will be on display until end of the month. Welcome!


May 26, 2013

Breaking Silence II (Djonk mail) in Verona

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I was very happy to see two of my Paintings ending up in Verona, Italy in my good friends home. All I can say is thank you for supporting me and remember that your investment is my playground.

Breaking Silence II in Verona Italy

Breaking Silence, 2011, Mixed media, 3´x 4´

Mattia Censur stamp


Just by chance I also found this photo in Instagram feed of @mattoffee. In top left corner you can see half of a print I did on handmade shanpaper for him. The print is and up-scaled version of Myanmar´s censors- and scrutiny board official stamp which actually was used by the board for the approval of a group exhibition I was part of in 2011. See, even artistic oppressors becomes part of the art in the end.

Also, stay tuned for more details about my upcoming solo exhibition at Gallery Urban Artroom that will open on the 8th of June 2013. More details about the event is coming up during the week. Hope to see you all at the opening. Minimum 16 new paintings is ready to be displayed and still some art in progress.

Also, you can support my art by sending micro donations to my Flattr account or just click the green icon below! Thanks a bunch!

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