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November 27, 2021

Unique print! Support the people in Myanmar

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Text is copied from Raise Three Fingers!

Every single day the people in Myanmar continue their fight for freedom. The resistance against the military is stronger than ever and there are still sparks of hope that this revolution will be won.

You can continue to support the people of Myanmar and be part of their fight by buying one of these unique artworks.

We’ve added 8 new artworks for you to choose from, in time for the holiday season. Consider buying a gift this year that will make a difference for someone in Myanmar!

Check out the entire collection of prints at the Raise Three Fingers shop and get yours now! Worldwide shipping

Buy art, support Myanmar at Raise Three fingers shop

March 10, 2021


The three-finger salute has become a symbol of resistance in protest and in art. We are a Myanmar collective of artists who reject military dictatorship. The Myanmar people spoke in unison in a free and fair election and we will do everything we can to deny any cooperation with the illegitimate power grabbers. All artists are invited to join a global salute by creating their version, in their medium and to share it within their networks using #threefingers. This will look different for every artist but the possibilities are endless and the noise can be deafening. The louder the volume, the harder it is for those seeking to steal the future to succeed.

Upload your resistance art on and tag your work in social media with




This is my contribution. Lets make the revolution beautiful!

Everything will be OK, 2021, Inkwash and UV ink on paper, 56 x 38 cm.

Everything will be OK, 2021

Using the power of this creative collective, we’ll mobilise a global audience, grow awareness, raise funds for civil society groups and lobby organisations and governments to step up the pressure and defend democracy.


General inquiries:

Media inquiries:





October 1, 2014

First painting with rubber stamp technique

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This is my first trial doing art with letter rubber stamp. A technique that I have been working and refining since 2011. The first test was done on an A4 size paper using a three layered stencil cutout as foundation. I quickly realized that the size of the paper was key to get details and profound shadings in place. This piece was made with a handmade stamp I was using for making my business card. I later found pre-made alphabet stamp where I could pick and choose my own wording. I found the painting much more interesting when I could incorporate my own thoughts and concepts in the object.

ku kue test

Ku kue (testprint) 24th april 2011


Here an up scaled version based on the same sketch which was part of the “BETA version” exhibition at Pansodan Gallery in Yangon, Myanmar in 2011. A portray of Ku Kue, one of Yangon´s finest graffiti writers.

Boogie Down Yanagon

Boogie Down Yangon, 2011, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm

(Photo: Chris Davy)

May 6, 2014

Available paintings in 10 seconds

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we´re back! Here is a compilation of available painting that are for sale. They have all been on a tour for a while and been displayed at gallery Urban Artroom (Facebook page) in Göteborg, Sweden and gallery Image Ark (Facebook page) in Kathmandu, Nepal and have now finally returned home to studio Duelling Banjos. As always your investment is my playground and it will mos def make my summer.

gif of paintings

They are all handmade originals stamped with alphabetic rubber stamps on paper. All paintings are for sale but size and price varies. Find more detailed information about each painting in the opening page of the site and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any enquirers or want to learn more about my art.

FREE shipping in Sweden

Contact me at or choose your social media preference HERE

October 30, 2013

New pieces from Mark my Words exhibition

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Thank you very much for showing up at the opening of my exhibition “Mark my Word” at Image Ark Gallery the other day. A special big up to Aditya Aryal aka Sadhu-X and Shraddha Shresta aka Deadline for the kind words at the opening. I really am looking forward to further collaboration in the future. I had a blast and it means everything to me. You should really check out the work of Sadhu-X and Deadline and their work with Artlab. An artistic group of people which have the purpose of creating a meeting point for emerging urban artists in Nepal. Great stuff. While on the subject have a look and follow the Prasad project of portraying local heroes in the streets of Kathmandu.

As this is a continuation of the exhibition “A thousand words say more than a picture” I only displayed a few new works at this show. Have a look below and let me know what you think. Previous work you will find on the main page.


Undisciplined tribe I-III (triptic), 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm



Cash is Queen, 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm


The Change (Saturday night fever version), 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm


Bay of (Bengal) watch, 2013, ink stamped on paper, 56 X 77 cm


The exhibition will be open until 29th of November at Image Ark Gallery.

Kulimha tole, Ward no. 9 – Lalitpur, Nepal

(+977) 9851 016 572

(+977) 01 500 6665

If you are in the area please come have a look at my latest work. Respect.

September 26, 2013

September uprising

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Today it is six years since I witnessed the September uprising in Yangon in Burma. It was one of the most horrific yet inspiring moments I have experienced and I think this moment will shape and guide me as well as my art for the rest of my life. My thoughts goes out to all of those who lost their lives, to the persons that are still missing and to all the brave people that are continuing the struggle for justice, dignity and peace in Burma. The paining “We want the airwaves” I made a few years back. It is the painting that I am most proud of and it keeps reminding me of everyone I meet in Burma. Reminding me about what you are doing and that it is important.

We Want The Airwaves

We want the airwaves, 2010, mixed media on canvas, 3´x 4´


September 9, 2013

Corrupt, corrupt (Sold)

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Gotta love Monday mornings. Corrupt, corrupt, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm just sold. Thanks for the support and remember that your investment is my playground.

Corrupt Corrupt

From now on I will call the painting Korupsi, korupsi instead since I have a feeling that it will end up in Indonesia at some point. Terimah kasi banyak Bapak!

September 8, 2013

Cash is Queen

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Cash is Queen

This is my first work coming out from my new studio after a long break for summer. It is titled Cash is queen, 2013, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm (cropped) and is one of many painting that I will exhibit at my upcoming show in Kathmandu, Nepal at Gallery Image Ark by the end of October. I don´t have the details yet but will inform you as soon as I know more. I am really excited about this show because it gives me the opportunity to share my experience and spread knowledge about todays Burma to a wider audience. It is my way of giving back to all the good friends and brave people that are daily working for a new Burma where all people have the same rights and were the word justice finally will mean something.

Cash is queen in progress

Cash is queen (in progress)

Pre-work Cash is queen

Cash is queen (digital pre-work)

Since the trip to Nepal for the exhibition will be self financed I would really appreciate if you supporting me by sending microcredits using flattr. Just click the green icon below and I am one step closer to the top of the world and do not hesitate to share my art for friends and family. #Respect

August 7, 2013

toiR (8-8-88) decrypted

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Tomorrow it is 25 years since the rise of the 88 movement and a long struggle for peace and justice in Myanmar. It is also one of the first times it will be honoured open and public nationwide in the country. Something that would have been impossible and even dangerous a few years back. Even during my stay in the country. I became very inspired by the brave people of Myanmar, some dating back to the 8-8-88 movement, but also people of the September uprising in 2007 and all the people who are struggling daily but continue to be unheard of.

I did this painting in 2009. Inspired by Myanmar artists; their incredible talent of conveying political messages, document the history, spreading hope through their art using encrypted messages. I made this painting which is titled “toiR”. Read the title from right to left and it says “Riot”. It is a play with words, a hidden message, which carries a lot of symbolism. Riot can be read as Rangoon Institute Of Technology. The institute was an important centre for students to organize the protest against the regime during the uprising. But it was also the ground where some of the first clashes took place between people and the military that feed the violence and left thousands of innocent people killed in the aftermath.

To the left in the painting I have written binary code with spraypaint. It says 08-00-08-08-88, an encrypted message saying eight o´clock in the morning on the 8th of august 1988 and it is a tribute to the all people who stands up against oppression, then, today and tomorrow. Never forgotten, this painting is for you.


toiR, 2009, mixed media on canvas, 3 X 6 feet


March 28, 2013

New piece: Screensaviour

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Finished this piece during commercial break. Look mom, we´re on television. Didn´t learn anything from the news. Now a message from our sponsors. Is it true what they say? Switching channel. Same product, but this one contains whitening. The show is on again. The butler is always the killer.

Screensaviour, 2013, ink on paper, 56 X 76 cm

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