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May 26, 2013

Breaking Silence II (Djonk mail) in Verona

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I was very happy to see two of my Paintings ending up in Verona, Italy in my good friends home. All I can say is thank you for supporting me and remember that your investment is my playground.

Breaking Silence II in Verona Italy

Breaking Silence, 2011, Mixed media, 3´x 4´

Mattia Censur stamp


Just by chance I also found this photo in Instagram feed of @mattoffee. In top left corner you can see half of a print I did on handmade shanpaper for him. The print is and up-scaled version of Myanmar´s censors- and scrutiny board official stamp which actually was used by the board for the approval of a group exhibition I was part of in 2011. See, even artistic oppressors becomes part of the art in the end.

Also, stay tuned for more details about my upcoming solo exhibition at Gallery Urban Artroom that will open on the 8th of June 2013. More details about the event is coming up during the week. Hope to see you all at the opening. Minimum 16 new paintings is ready to be displayed and still some art in progress.

Also, you can support my art by sending micro donations to my Flattr account or just click the green icon below! Thanks a bunch!

November 9, 2012

Selection of paintings @Pansodan gallery

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Since I don´t have a studio at the moment I have handed over a selection of painting for display at Pansodan Gallery. Three of them are new and the two are from my latest solo exhibition “BETA Version”.

Cardialgia, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm

Center of the universe, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm

Nutrition facts: Kryptonite, 2012, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm

Much Oblige, 2011, ink on paper and Burners not bombs, 2011, ink on paper

I also handed over the complete set of limited edition prints of the “Breaking Silence” series. The series comments on censorship, about who owns and how we use information on the internet, especially from my experience of working and living in Myanmar. Each design has a 50 pcs limited edition, all numbered and framed. Follow the hyperlink above for details of each print.

I you want to have a look at my paintings in real life and/or if you want to experience a wide range of great art from Myanmar please drop by Pansodan Gallery:

1st Floor, 286 Pansodan street, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, 09 5130846

You can also visit the Pansodan website or join their art buzz at Facebook.

If you have any questions about my work, feel free to contact me or the excellent people representing Pansodan Gallery. Open daily so no excuses, time is all we have.

September 30, 2012

Rare parrot spotted in Norway

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Breaking Silence V print, 2011, Ink print on Shan paper, 390 X 580 (50 Pcs limited edition)

Toys Ain’t Us, 2010, Acrylic/Enamel on canvas, 912 X 1218

It is really nice to see what is happening with the paintings I sell. This rare parrot from the “Breaking Silence” series of ink prints was spotted in Trondheim, Norway. It looks like it has found its nest next to the open fire. Which makes my heart warm as well. If anyone else of you have any other photos of my works, please share it because I am very curious to see their new homes. It is also a really good way of keeping in touch so please keep sending those photos!

The second painting titled “Toys ain’t Us is located in Oslo it seems……

Today I also sold another print from the same series. As for now it is watching over Kandawgyi Lake, Yangon and then will move on to New Zeeland, but hopefully not until next year. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me in doing what I like the most!

And yes, ATM cans still sucks!

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