Exhibition “Fresh Legs 2015”

I am very happy to announce that I will be part of the exhibition “Fresh Legs 2015” opening at Gallery Heike-Arndt in Berlin on the 3rd of June 2015. The gallery is located at Voigstrasse 12, 10247 Berlin- Friedrichshain and the doors are opening at 7 pm and you are all welcome. At the bottom of the post you will find a brief introduction to the gallery and the exhibition in thier own words. If you need any more information you can contact the gallery here. Really looking forward to see you at the opening! Welcome!

Here is the link for the facebook invitation for the event. Pls share among the ones you love. https://www.facebook.com/events/1547219592213744/

freshlegsposter jpeg




“In the annual Fresh Legs open call exhibition 2015 Galleri Heike Arndt DK proudly presents 20 talented emerging, international artists with unique styles, techniques and materials. Key concepts include portraying aspects of humanity as well as concerns about the development of our current society as interpreted by the artist’s individual expressions. Fresh Legs brings bold street art influences mixed with crisp drawings, social criticism with a dash of humor and challenging installations, the result is a mesmerizing and exciting group show that radiates with color and movement.

A total of 99 artists applied with nearly 1,000 artworks for the Fresh Legs show. After a long and comprehensive screening process 20 artists were chosen. The Fresh Legs exhibition highlights a curated selection of these undiscovered rough artistic diamonds – and we are excited to follow their journey and see how they will cut and form their artistic edges. Experience the sharp social criticism in the works of Pötter (DE) and Gerstenberger (DE), the perfectly captured contemporary life in the works of Gallardo (CN/TT), Karcher (DE) and Zagorska (PL). In the pieces of Chisholm (US), Messaoudi (FR) and Lautner (UA) we are exposed to refined technical skills with strong influences from street art in layers of cut-outs, stencils and spray paint. The artworks of Koch (DE) and Furedi & Lieshout (DE/NL) brings our attention to the values of our current society in photographs and illustrations using a large dose of humor. In experimental use of materials and techniques – from stamp-like drawings, colorful paintings and sewn pigskin to plastic reflex-pieces used in traffic – the works of Weiser (DE), Zewnik (DE) Takuya (JP), Johansson (SE) and Trieba (DE) amaze and draw us in to examine them closer. Yamakawa (JP) and Innete (DE) explore human relationships, loneliness and the fragility of the fleeting moment in illustrations and drawings. The photographs of Kalian Lo (FR) and the drawings of Becker (DE) take us on a journey to explore the environment and abandoned places of our time.

Fresh Legs aim to promote yet undiscovered artists in drawing, street art, illustration, mixed media and similar fields. Galleri Heike Arndt DK offers a platform for artists from these fields to exhibit together and discuss the ideas highlighted in these contemporary art forms with each other and with the audience. A Berlin exhibition you absolutely do not want to miss!”

Sold paintings at Transition this!

Four paintings that was sold at “Transition this!” exhibition at Pansodan Gallery in Yangon, Myanmar last month. Stay tuned fore more information about the event-

Endless love for supporting my work. Your investment is my playground

Cash is queen1 56 x 77 cm

Cash is queen (SOLD), 2013, ink on paper, 56 x 77 cm.

The change saturday night fever version2 56 x 77 cm


The Change (saturday night fever version) (SOLD), 2013, ink on paper, 56 x 77 cm.

Diggers dance 56 x 76 cm


Diggers dance (SOLD), 2013, ink on paper, 56 x 77 cm.

Your investment is my playground 56 x 76 cm


Your investment is my playground (SOLD), 2013, ink on paper, 56 x 77 cm.

Transition this! interview/review in Myanmar Times

Interview/review for my second solo show “Transition this!” at Pansodan Gallery published in Myanmar Times 12th March 2015



Swedish artist Caspar Johansson arrived in Yangon in 2007 as the protests, which became known as the Saffron Revolution, began to gather momentum.

Of his knowledge of the country at the time, he says he had “no idea. None. Military, Aung San Suu Kyi. That was about it.”

Focusing full-time on his art, Caspar quickly fell in to step with the Yangon scene, making friends through the gallery circuit as well as at the street level. “It’s not like Sweden – everyone knows everyone here,” he said. “I saw tagging, some street art – I was impressed that it existed at all.”

In 2012 Caspar, who produces work under the moniker CAP, returned to his native Sweden. Two years on, he’s back with his second solo show at Pansodan Gallery.

The body of work encompasses his time in Myanmar, almost all of which is informed by photographs he took to document his years here.

“I don’t take photographs for any real reason. I like documenting things, and so I go back through my library and see how images can intersect with an idea I’ve had,” he said.

The show features his stamp-based work, as well as block prints, which look at the haphazard tangles of electrical wire that can be seen on any given Yangon street.

A poster image of a police officer, entitled “The Change”, is taken from a shot he took during US President Obama’s 2012 visit to the city. Upon reviewing his photos he noticed that there was something about the way the policeman was standing, so he removed the stamp-rendered policeman from his context and cast him onto a dance floor. His works are spiked with a dark humour and loaded with political commentary.

“It’s human rights abuses and injustices I try to look at,” he said.  One of his works renders in stamps a Baywatch poster for the “Bay of Bengal: Last resort hotel” – which packs a punch for anyone who understands the context.

Indeed, there is a subtlety to CAP’s art which he admits is intentional. “In terms of getting a message across, it’s not about being explicit. There are ways of saying things without saying them.

By Kayleigh Long 

Vänersborgs graphic print workhop webpage

As a member of Vänersborgs Konstgrafiska Verkstad (Vänersborg graphic print workshop) I now have my own gallery page where I will upload forthcoming prints of etchings and woodcuts. As for now I have uploaded the Breaking Silence rubbercut series and some testprints of etchings and dry needle pieces I´ve been working on since I finished the workshop. Pls drop by now and then for updates and feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting hold of a print. Scroll down for a taste of my first two 10 Pcs limited edition prints

Unfortunatly our webpage is only in Swedish but you can still enjoy our work HERE.


galleri dump

Overview of page


Monk, 10 Pcs edition, copper etching, 2015



Paya, 10 Pcs edition copper etching, 2015


Studio Duelling Banjos in the front

Photos from the studio on the frontpage of the local newspaper TTela. The article is about grants and funds from various institutions up for grabs. The article was published in TTela on 7th of december 2014. As for now the article is only published in the printed version.

TTELA front


TTELA inside

Spread p.6

Petrol station print in Trentemøller video: Deceive

Early this year I went to Stockholm for some work and got the chance to put up a Duelling Banjos poster at my favorite petrol station in Örnsberg. A few week ago I got information from a friend that the petrol station and the poster was part in Trentemöllers video Deceive (Lost and Found remix). Who would have known?

Here is a photo of the poster before I found out about the video


It is a great song and I like the video alot. If you want to see it from start just click HERE. Thanks for having me and a shout out the ones involved with the video!


Assistant Grant article (only printed version)

A covering story based on the previous post about my assistant grant was published in the printed version of TTela. Congratulation to Manongu, really happy for you!


Assistant grant in TTela

Woke up this morning and found myself in the paper. A brief notice about me and a cultural association called Manongu being assigned artistic grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Here is a direct link to the article or read below


Foto: Carin Jacobsson


Det blev jackpot för Lilla Edet när Västra Götalandsregionen delade ut internationellt resestipendium. Manongu kulturförening från Västerlanda får 30 000 kronor för att fördjupa sitt samarbete med Sukumaland i Tanzania.

Casper Johansson, bildkonstnär boende på Ström, tilldelas konstnärsnämndens ettåriga stipendium på 100 000 kronor.

Båda har varit med i mentorprogrammet InQbator i Lilla Edet för kulturarbetare.

Pasi Hakopuro

Scholarship granted – Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Huge day today. I have just been granted an one year artistic scholarship from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden). Can´t explain how much it means to me, especially due to my current situation. But with this working grant I can realize some dreams and thoughts that have been running around in my mind lately.



The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) is a government agency. Our function is to support artists who work within the areas of visual art, design, music, dance, theatre, and film. We award grants and allowances and promote international cultural exchange. In addition, we compile information on the financial and social conditions of artists. Redan more aboute the committeein english  HERE.

First painting with rubber stamp technique

This is my first trial doing art with letter rubber stamp. A technique that I have been working and refining since 2011. The first test was done on an A4 size paper using a three layered stencil cutout as foundation. I quickly realized that the size of the paper was key to get details and profound shadings in place. This piece was made with a handmade stamp I was using for making my business card. I later found pre-made alphabet stamp where I could pick and choose my own wording. I found the painting much more interesting when I could incorporate my own thoughts and concepts in the object.

ku kue test

Ku kue (testprint) 24th april 2011


Here an up scaled version based on the same sketch which was part of the “BETA version” exhibition at Pansodan Gallery in Yangon, Myanmar in 2011. A portray of Ku Kue, one of Yangon´s finest graffiti writers.

Boogie Down Yanagon

Boogie Down Yangon, 2011, ink on paper, 56 X 77 cm

(Photo: Chris Davy)