I’m seeing red

Once again I got the chance to have the day out with Yangon´s Finest under the Mingaladon sun. We also got an eminent visit from German writer BOND spicing up the letter style for us. Apart from making my skin look like a steamed lobster we all went for the colour red as the foundation, the rest was up to each personalities and I have to say that they came out really nice.

Now, seriously, do you still think that this type of art deserves to be put behind bars for three years? If that is the case, I’m taking all the advertisers that visually are polluting the city with me!

Complete picture of the wall can be found here.

By the way, the house is for sale.

Bond (Germany), YSA, MEGA


YSA, Cap

Gmicro, Bart (LAC)

Check out more of Bond´s amazing work at www.truluv.de

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  1. Bart Says:

    I got some photos Panda(Smile)’s roll-ups and throwies,check my blog.

  2. cap Says:

    Already done, and I linked my post to you page! just click Bart ha ha

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