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BETA Leftovers

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

I got just a few leftovers from my last solo exhibition. Contact me if you are interested and/or need more details.

Basically it is just some papers and ink, what else to say.

Selected photos from “Rendezvous” opening: Part 1

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

The Yangon “Rendezvous” urban art event has come to an end and I must say that it has been a great show. Beside from great art and great vibes, I think that the most important result of this event is the international exchange and what we can learn from it. These guys were amazing artists and friends and they definitely showed us what they got. Artistically the words I am looking for is confidence and joy in their art. I guess we all been inspired and hopefully this is the beginning of something new. The rock has been put in motion and I am very existed about the future of the YGN streets. Your investment is anyone’s playground.

Big up to Thu Myat for organizing everything!

Alex Face (BKK) mixed media on plywood

AMP (BKK) Enamel/Ink on Plywood

Bon (BKK) Mixed media on plywood

Gong (BKK) Mixed media on plywood

Snozze (KL) Aerosol/enamel on wall

SCY (YGN) 3D cartboard installation

Dplus (YGN) 3D cartboard installation

Smile Evil Smile aka Yellow Bastard

Indonesia mix, more at

Indonesia mix, more at

More photos at:

Selected photos from “Rendezvous” opening: Part 2

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Alex Face (BKK) live

Gong (BKK) Live

Shadows (Vietnam) live

WTC (YGN) complete

International Massive complete

RhaRhaRha (Jakarta) in progress

RhaRhaRha Complete

More photos at:

Rendezvous on Saturday the 4th

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

People start to drop in from all corners of Southeast Asia and we are working late hours to prepare for tomorrow’s opening. I don´t know much about our foreign invaders yet, but have a great feeling about these writers. Good vibes and creativity, what else is needed. So far I have only been able to track down the people from next door Thailand and they have an amazing record.

We are opening tomorrow and around 3 p.m there will be live painting and music. Come on down and support us and the first real Asian graffiti/street art exchange in Boogie Down Yangon. You will find us at 458, Corner of Manawhayi street and Myoma Kyaung street, Dagon Tsp (brown condo under construction near Summit Park view)

Below are some shots of our work in progress and the two paintings I will present at the opening. They are part of a new series (inshallah) which I call #Artistanonymous. It is mixed media on canvas using acrylic, enamel, watercolour in symbioses with glue and shanpaper.

blackbook diaries

Cap in the back and 220 in the front

It’s Tricky..

late hours

Satan always working overtime

#Artistanonymous #Cap, 2012, Mixed media on canvas

#Artistanonymous #Homeboy, 2012, mixed media on canvas